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UKTI Acclaimed By Peers As Best Trade Promotion Body In Developed World

19 October 2010


UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has been acclaimed by its peers as the best trade promotion agency in the developed world.

The award was announced at the World Trade Promotion Organisation Conference Awards 2010 in Mexico.


More than 150 participants from 50 countries attended the awards ceremony, where delegates were looking at how to build export success, and how trade promotion agencies can help in a changing global environment.


Business Secretary Dr. Vince Cable said: 


"I am a firm believer in the benefits of trade and investment.  In a globalised world, UK companies need to think strategically and plan ahead for an international future. It's not enough to sit back and hope that business opportunities will drop into your Inbox.


"UK Trade & Investment has an impressive track record of helping UK firms to work out export strategies, identify opportunities and make international business happen.


“This award is testament to the hard work carried out by Sir Andrew Cahn and the UKTI team around the world. I want to see more companies taking up the help on offer and spreading the word that exporting is good for companies, good for Britain and good for our economic future."


Speaking from Brussels, Foreign Secretary William Hague said:


"The Government is committed to helping UK businesses succeed overseas and to attracting inward investment. Our ambition for the next five years is to make Britain one of the most competitive business environments anywhere in the developed world, the best place in Europe to set up and run and a business, and home to the most competitive corporate tax system in the G20. This will make a demonstrable difference to the British economy and will create new opportunities for our partners overseas as well as for our own British-based business. This award celebrates the hard work carried out by UKTI teams in almost 100 countries around the world. Well done to UKTI  for getting this award."


The awards recognise excellence in developing export initiatives, and UKTI’s development of a programme called “Gateway to Global Growth”, aimed at small and medium-sized firms with some export experience, was cited as the reason for its nomination.


Sir Andrew Cahn, Chief Executive of UKTI, said:


“When I joined UKTI almost five years ago, I set my teams the goal of becoming the best trade promotion body in the world. I want to congratulate everyone in UKTI for delivering on that vision. The task now is to translate that excellence into even more British exports, and an even higher level of inward investment, to contribute to the growth that the UK economy needs.” 




  • In the last 12 months, UKTI helped around 25,000 businesses to generate £5 billion for the UK economy. 

  • For every £1 spent, UKTI generates £19 for the UK economy.

  • UKTI has a network that extends to almost 100 overseas markets, which generate 98% of world GDP. It also has a presence in the UK regions and online at  
  • Ninety per cent of UKTI’s customers are small and medium-sized businesses.

Gateway to Global Growth


Gateway to Global Growth is a service to experienced exporters which offers a 12-month programme of tailored strategic support to help companies grow overseas. The programme offers a strategic review with an experienced International Trade Adviser to assess trade development needs and construct a next steps action plan; guidance and mentoring from export professionals and support on specialist subjects. It also includes access to UK Trade & Investment’s international network; assistance with market research, language and culture and networking opportunities to learn from other exporters.


Gateway helps a firm to maximise opportunities and reduce the risk of entering new markets; overcome barriers to new and difficult markets; develop company skills and save time and money in achieving international trade goals.

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Hip hip hooray x 3 Nice to see Cass and UKTI get some gcoernition. In discussions about central government digital engagement, it's generally the likes of the DFID or Foriegn Office blogs that get mentioned, but as far as I'm concerned UKTI have been doing some of the most interesting things with social media in government. They've just not been as shouty about it as some!Cass had a strategy in place at UKTI very early on a strategy that has helped inform the work I've been doing with the Scottish Centre for Regeneration and also the Scottish Government's approach to digital engagement more generally.But, heh, UKTI has a history of being at the forefront of digital developments. They were doing devolved content management before anyone else had tried it and had a site which was intranet, extranet and public website.They're a jolly nice bunch of people to boot![Disclaimer: I worked for UKTI for 2 years ]

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2012-03-18 13:13:25


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