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Ireland map

Ireland sits to the west of the island of Great Britain, separated by the Irish Sea. The Republic of Ireland accounts for five sixths of the island (26 of the 32 counties), Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom covers the remainder of the island. The island's population is approx 6.2million with 4.2million (census 2006) living in the Republic of Ireland (as per the Constitution (1937).

What are the opportunities?
Ireland is a major customer for products and services of all kinds and its young population (with a third aged 25-44) makes it attractive to exporters. There are opportunities in almost all sectors, but the following are particularly attractive:

•Food and drink - the UK's largest export market - opportunities across the board, in particular for specialist foods
•Transport 21 - a 34.4 bn Euro ten-year transport plan (to 2015) - various infrastructure projects
•Healthcare - the Health Service Executive has an annual budget of 14.7 bn Euro
•Energy - market deregulation
•Environment - approximately €4bn being spent to upgrade and to conform to EU standards
•Construction - various infrastructure products as outlined in the National Development Plan 2007 - 2013

emita has CD-ROM Trade Guides on trading with The Netherlands. The Netherlands Trade Guide is a comprehensive guide to trading with and investing in The Netherlands. It is aimed at British business leaders who want to expand into the Dutch market and contains a huge amount of useful and interesting information and contacts.

Please email emita stating your name, company, address, telephone and email address and we will send it in the post to you free of charge.

The information provided above is merely an overview; should you require further details you can obtain comprehensive international trade assistance from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).   To find out more information about this country, visit the UKTI Ireland web page.


If you're interested in attending an event relating to this country or the possibility of joining a trade mission, please visit the UKTI East Midlands website. If you would like to speak to a UKTI International Trade expert about doing business with this country, please call the UKTI East Midlands office on 01332 826394.


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