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Located at the heart of Europe, Poland is the largest of the new EU member states, with a population of 38m and a land mass roughly the size of Spain. And it’s a great springboard for UK companies planning to expand to other Central & Eastern European countries, as well as emerging markets further East.

What are the opportunities?
EURO 2012

On 18 April 2007, Poland and the Ukraine were selected to host the European Football Championships in 2012. Preparation for EURO 2012 is a huge long-term project for Poland which will generate numerous opportunities across a number of sectors.

The project involves the extensive construction of new infrastructure and modernisation of the existing one such as:

Sport infrastructure: 

•Three new stadia will be constructed and other three upgraded (Est. budget EUR 950 million)
•16 new training and accommodation centres will be established for the football teams

•1650 km of express roads and 900 km of highways will be built/upgraded. (Total budget EUR 6.6bn)

•Over 1,500 km of railways will be modernised (Est. budget EUR 4.5bn)

•Eight airports with the surrounding infrastructure will be expanded (Est. budget EUR 1.8bn)

•Around 400 new hotels need to be constructed. Expansion of the tourist base by 75% needed in 6 hosting cities


•CCTV systems; innovative access control solutions including bio-metric technologies; vehicle and people recognition systems; stadia and cities' monitoring systems and handling of emergency issues of fire/terrorist threats

•EU funds of EUR 6bn allocated for meeting environmental standards in 2007-2013
Education & Training:

•EU funds of EUR 1bn earmarked for vocational education in 2007-2013. Opportunities for UK training providers, especially those providing certified vocational courses.
Science & Technology:

•EU funds of EUR 9 bn allocated for innovative projects in 2007-2013
Advanced Engineering including:

•Automotive: know-how in innovative production, design, technology transfer and re-manufacturing
•Aerospace: research and technology transfers as well as advanced engineering
•Engineering: purchase of new advanced technology engineering products facilitated by the availability of EU funds

•reduction of greenhouse gases’ emission required

Poland's entry into the EU in May 2004 was a milestone in the country’s political and economic transformation. The largest of the new accession countries in terms of size and population, it is also the biggest recipient of EU funds, receiving €67.2bn for 2007-13. With economic growth at 4.8% in 2008, a young and well-educated labour force, and located at the crossroads between eastern and western Europe, Poland offers a large potential market in central Europe.

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Polish Market Brief

This Polish guide (courtesy of UKTI & British Chambers of Commerce)  gives a commercial summery of the region with key facts GDP by sector as well as useful contacts. This publication is also availible in print, Please email emita stating your name, company, address, telephone and email address and we will send it in the post to you free of charge.

emita has CD-ROM Trade Guides on trading with Poland. The Polish Trade Guide is a comprehensive guide to trading with and investing in Poland. It is aimed at British business leaders who want to expand into the Polish market and contains a huge amount of useful and interesting information and contacts.
Please email emita stating your name, company, address, telephone and email address and we will send it in the post to you free of charge.

The information provided above is merely an overview; should you require further details you can obtain comprehensive international trade assistance from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).   To find out more information about this country, visit the UKTI Poland web page.

If you're interested in attending an event relating to this country or the possibility of joining a trade mission, please visit the UKTI East Midlands website. If you would like to speak to a UKTI International Trade expert about doing business with this country, please call the UKTI East Midlands office on 01332 826394.



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